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Because of the lack of knowledge and preparation I could not breastfeed my first baby, I did attempt to do it, however I could not find the right position for my baby to breastfeed, which caused injuries and infections resulting in a mastitis that forced me to take an antibiotic and stop breastfeeding for my baby. I had to result in giving him a bottle with formulated milk that does not have even half of the vitamins and minerals that breast milk has. Bottled milk does not contain the defense mechanism that only breast milk provides thus making our babies grow into strong and healthy kids. The first and most important thing we can do for our children is to breastfeed them. In fact, now, in hospitals and clinics, at birth the baby is given to his mother to breastfeed him/her immediately.

One of the first consequences that my baby suffered when bottle feeding was a very strong colic since it the bottle was heavy and to much in quantity for his tiny and immature belly. Formulated milk are mostly derived from cow's milk, which is naturally made for a calf with four stomachs to process the milk, I could not imagine everything our babies have to go through to digest milk knowing that they only have 1 out of the 4 stomachs that milk needs to be properly digested. I gave my son bottled milk during his first three months, he slept for three to four hours and then woke up to eat and went back to sleep. When we went out for the weekend, he would always get viruses and we would have  to take him to the hospital and he would be diagnosed with fever and/or diarrhea. When he was sick of his tummy, he did not want to eat anything, it was stressful and we would worry wether he would recover so that he could eat. After he turned 2, he already had developed a better defense as a result of all the viruses he suffered, and now he is a beautiful, big, strong and intelligent boy.

For my second baby, I received courses on breastfeeding, I learned about all its benefits and advantages of breastfeeding, exclusively during its first 6 months. This has been one of the most beautiful and important experiences I have had in my entire life. I was totally convinced that there was nothing better I could do for my baby than breastfeed him. Mother's milk has everything from water to the desserts our children need. During our breastfeeding stage we must be very strict with feeding ourselves healthy which is important for both the baby and us moms.It is told to breastfeed our baby for the first 6 months, in some cases it is not necessary to give our children water, all that our babies need is breast milk.

Our children are born with a very defined genetic charge, now, only breast milk can properly develop our children’s genotype and phenotype 100% accurately. The human being is a perfect balance. And I am convinced that nature is wiser than man. If for some reason, our child is born with a deficit, our body recognizes it and breast milk is loaded with what is necessary for our babies. Additionally, breastfeeding helps us to place our womb in its original position and to lose weight in a healthy and responsible manner. As I mentioned at the beginning, one of the benefits of breastfeeding is the defenses we give to our children, my second baby was a very healthy child, he did not suffer from any type of viruses. My second born was a handful and had a certain hustle to him, he was eating every hour, which shows how easy it is for them to digest breast milk. Breast milk is at free demand and to go out with my baby I only needed a diaper bag, and nothing else. At first everyone thought that it was not enough, that the baby would not be full, but I knew and was convinced that what I was doing was right. Other myths that you might come across is all the preparation needed to lower the milk in our breasts, but really the only thing that makes us produce milk is that our babies suck us, this along with drinking lots of water, this will effectively produce breast milk and will generate it instantly. There are mothers who produce milk at the very moment, in such a way that their breasts are full of milk all the time, to such an extent that they can easily take milk and store them in the fridge to give them to the babies at any time. The production of milk does not depend on the size of the breast or the nipple, it is a process independent of our phenotype, so there is no need to worry about it. The most important thing is to place our babies in the correct position, so they do not get tired and to make it very easy to drink the milk. Another great advantage is that our babies do not need a pacifier either. We must be aware that it is also a great sacrifice for love, the baby and you during those six months are inseparable, but I confess that it is a very rewarding and beautiful sacrifice.


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