Nature and man in constant balance

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If you have to choose between an apple and a sweet, what would you choose? surely our palate may be more attractive than an apple, but it will be better for our body, the answer is very easy, the apple is a natural fruit, with many nutrients and fibers that would keep our body in balance without disturbing its functioning during your intake. However, for us always the sweet will be more attractive, at least, that you are aware of the damage that can cause the sugars and refined flours, or your body is very sensitive to these foods so that even wanting to eat you know that you should not because the consequences are immediate and unfavorable. However, for other people the consequences may be long-term and it is these that consume them without measuring the damage that may be caused to the future.

On the other hand, we can ask ourselves, but sugars and flours also come from cereals and fruits, respectively, which are also 100% natural? Then why can they harm us by ingesting them?

The answer to these questions is found when we talk about refined sugars and flours, refining operations consist of chemical processes that mostly result in the loss of nutrients, minerals and fibers from cereals or fruits that go through this process, in other words, we alter their structure and natural composition. Now, when we prepare a sweet this is made with sugars and refined flours, along with vegetable butters and even milk. These industrialized foods are elaborated in proportions and components that are far from those found in nature, which hinders their intake and in some cases intolerance and allergies. This can give us a signal that what is found in nature is in balance with itself and with us. On the other hand, fruits and cereals have fibers and nutrients that help human beings to digest and process them taking advantage of all the benefits they can offer our organisms. 


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