Oil for muscle aches, 250 ml

An oil that will relieve muscle aches in the shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs, knees and feet. Natu´Or pain oil unites arnica with turmeric creating a very effective formula against inflation and pain that will relieve you of your ailments. While you apply it with a gentle massage you can enjoy and relax with its fresh aroma of eucalyptus and rosemary. You will have more than 100% natural and safe relief.

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It has an anti-inflammatory, astringent, healing, sedative and analgesic action, very effective in the regeneration of skin tissues. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties have made it an indispensable product for the treatment of bruises and muscle contractions, as well as inflammations and sprains. Used before and after a physical activity because it provides a toning effect to the muscles, favoring circulation.



Turmeric is a root of intense yellow color, whose color is due to a compound called curcumin, which is responsible for its effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that relieves muscle, joint pain and is applied with great success for arthritis pain .



It has anti-inflammatory, astringent, healing and refreshing properties. Very used to maintain skin elasticity and cell regeneration because it contains rosmarinic acid. It has an excellent antioxidant power, in addition to maintaining the good condition of the skin due to the inhibition of lipid peroxidation of the cell membrane and the antiradicalaria activity.



It stands out for its regenerative and regulating power of the most sensitive skin. The oily extract of marigold usually has a high content of unsaturated acids that help prevent the loss of cellular water, so that its application ensures that you have a smooth and hydrated skin. Oil-based formulations of this plant decrease the symptoms of dermatitis such as peeling skin, itching, itching, redness and inflammation. It stimulates the healing action and regenerates the damaged skin, as well as allows more collagen to be produced, which helps in the recovery of the skin.



It has excellent healing and tissue recovery power, making it very useful for scratches, burns and bumps, as well as being a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. It has antimicrobial properties, which prevents the formation of bacteria in the skin.


How to use

Heat the oil by rubbing it between the hands and apply on the affected area with slow and continuous movements.

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