Oil for Nail Fungus, 50 ml

A powerful oil that helps fight nail fungus. Made only with natural components such as cinnamon, cloves, thyme and orange. Free of the toxic compounds that characterize conventional fungicides, with BIO and VEGAN certification.

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Clove is known as one of the most effective natural antibiotics and is one of the most used natural resources to fight infectious diseases and has been scientifically proven to help kill fungi.

Because of its aromatic components, cinnamon has a great antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power, which makes it a privileged compound for combating nail and skin fungus.

Thyme has a compound called Thymol that is known as a biocide of natural origin, which is capable of destroying harmful organisms against infectious bacteria. Property that allows you to attack nail fungus with great effectiveness.


Orange essential oil is extracted from the sweet orange peel and has the extraordinary properties of cleaning the skin, it is antiseptic and helps eliminate toxins and excess water.

How to Use

Clean the nail both outside and inside, place the oil below the nail, wait for it to dry and fully absorbed before putting on the footwear.

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