We are dedicated to investigate, know, understand, and show the world all the benefits that nature offers us

Nature has always been wiser than man, which is why we should strive to understand it, use it,and take care of it. We work day by day under the values ​​of transparency, respect, responsibility, efficiency, effectiveness and above all with a lot of love for what we do

The idea of ​​creating Natu'Or arises from one of the members of our team who is a fanatic and in love with agriculture, and believes that plants can fulfill all of man's needs. His initial idea was to develop all natural medicines with the appropriate combination of concentrations and plants that help us overcome diseases with minimal side effects. For this reason Natu’Or will provide you cosmetics related to health and self-care. We also have two chemists that are responsible for formulating our products using an all natural chemistry, with also evaluating the complex molecular structures that each plant has so we may extract their active ingredients and take advantage of them for our health, beauty, and well-being. Another member of our company  is a lawyer by profession and a lover of nature and is responsible for all the necessary legal aspects that must be met for the preparation, sales and distribution worldwide of our products. Finally, we have the best allies earth can give us which are the millions of plants, flowers, and fruits that our world provides us, they are the true and main protagonists of this company.

Our wishes

What we wish the most for Natu'Or is that it is to be considered, more than a company, but as a bridge between us and nature, this is our biggest desire.


We should love and care for our planet, as much as it loves us and cares for us. The planets is what supports us and keeps us alive, it allows us to breathe, it feeds us, hydrates us , heals us, and gives us the opportunity to always be and look healthy.