Micellar Tea dry skin 150 ml

Our Micellar Tea for Dry Skin is made with fresh herbs and essential oils that intensify the purifying, toning and moisturizing properties of conventional micellar waters. It contains natural surfactants, derived from coconut that promote a rapid and deep cleansing of the skin that will help you get rid of the makeup and impurities of the environment without irritating your face. It will take care of your skin to look more fresh and youthful.

Product with 100% Natural active components.

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Prevents dehydration by creating a thin layer on the skin that prevents water evaporation. They do not destroy the hydrolipidic layer that protects the skin naturally. The phosphorus action decreases the hardness of the water, which translates into a soothing and relaxing action of daily cleaning. The combination of the two previous properties makes oatmeal a great solution to remove dead cells and impurities from the skin such as pimples, pimples, mud and other imperfections.



One of the properties that the components give to lemongrass oil is antioxidant, which allows to act against free radicals, preventing damage to cells and preventing aging. It helps tone and firm the skin, provides softness and hydration to dry, mixed and mature skin, in addition to favoring in case of cellulite, because it helps regenerate new cells significantly hiding this condition.



Lavender is a plant that besides having great benefits for skin care, has an excellent aroma; In fact, due to its smell it is widely used in the world of aromatherapy. On the skin, lavender essential oil stands out as a great regenerator of skin cells. It is widely used in acne treatments, dehydrated skin, and assaulted. As well as for sensitive skin. This oil has anti-inflammatory effects. Thanks to this, it is used as a method to treat burns, inflammations, psoriasis and wounds. Delay the aging process. It helps to revitalize the skin, regenerate cells and keep the tissue firm, which will help delay the dreaded signs of aging.



Calendula stands out for its regenerative and regulating power of the most sensitive skin. The oily extract of marigold usually has a high content of unsaturated acids that help prevent the loss of cellular water, so that its application ensures that you have a smooth and hydrated skin. Oil-based formulations of this plant decrease the symptoms of dermatitis such as peeling skin, itching, itching, redness and inflammation. It stimulates the healing action and regenerates the damaged skin, as well as allows more collagen to be produced, which helps in the recovery of the skin.

Shake before using. With a cotton pad apply directly to the skin. To be used on neck, face and eye contour. Rinse with water to remove the micelles and obtain a smoother and cleaner skin. Do not use if you are allergic to any of its components

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