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After exposing our face to the sun, we need more than just a nourishing cream to recover from the damage that has been done to our face. With a combination of, a moisturizing component such as Aloe vera, English marigold, chamomile , which help relax and refresh the skin, and the regeneration of the skin that only rosehip and panthenol B5 can provide,...

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Natu’Or has developed a cream with natural components to regenerate, balance and restore to the skin its nutrients and lost texture. The union of moisturizers such as Shea and Aloe vera, relaxing and refreshing such as calendula and chamomile and regenerators such as rosehip and B5 panthenol, make this cream the perfect ally for daily skin care.Product...

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A deodorant free from alcohol, aluminum salts and parabens. No synthetic dyes and No silicone, enriched with essential oils. The lemon and tea tree essences help fight against bacteria that cause bad odors. The peppermint essential oil provides a fresh and pleasant scent. Additionally, coconut and jojoba oil moisturizes and softens the skin that is...

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The powerful sensation of cinnamon and peppermint help to relax the muscles, while the arnica deflates and serves to calm the pain, giving the muscles quick recovery after having carried out an intense work out.

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Thermal therapy has been used to relieve muscle aches and sport injuries since ancient times. From these ancient remedies and knowledge of thermal therapy then grew the thermal creams we used today. This muscle warming cream is formulated with extracts of rosemary, green tea, witch hazel, and caffeine, which protect and prepare the muscles to withstand...

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Cleans providing total hand hygiene due to the presence of a 70% mixture of ethyl and isopropyl alcohols. The presence of glycerin in the formulation adds hydration to the skin. It also contains a pleasant and fresh rosemary scent. Hydroalcoholic gel, Eliminate viruses and bacteria from your hands

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Relax and meet yourself, clearing yourself of stress, tension and anxiety with the Sweet Relax massage oil from Natu´Or that perfectly combines the oils of orange, tangerine and bergamot that will help you achieve well-being and balance through your skin and Its delicious aromas.

11,98 €

Our Micellar Tea for Oily Skin is made with fresh herbs and essential oils that intensify the purifying, toning and moisturizing properties of conventional micellar waters. It contains natural surfactants, derived from coconut that promote a rapid and deep cleansing of the skin that will help you get rid of the makeup and impurities of the environment...

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Relieves burning and itching sensation after shaving, generating immediate relief. Protect your skin and avoid the signs of aging. It has a refreshing and manly aroma.Product with 100% Natural active components

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