After Shave Cream 50 ml

Relieves burning and itching sensation after shaving, generating immediate relief. Protect your skin and avoid the signs of aging. It has a refreshing and manly aroma.

Product with 100% Natural active components

15,90 €

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Chamomile stabilizes the skin and also exerts a calming action on nerve endings. Leave the skin rested and relaxed. It also has detoxifying, purifying, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties; Therefore, it is ideal for keeping skin inflamed and decongested.


It relieves irritation and inflammation in the skin, producing a rapid recovery and hair regeneration after shaving, in addition to having an extraordinary antiseptic power. The end result is healthy and balanced skin.


It has a high nutritional power which helps fight the signs of aging. The antimicrobial and softening properties of geranium make it a fundamental ingredient in shaving creams, as well as being a powerful healing agent.


Protects the skin and helps repair it thanks to its structural properties. It provides great hydration and nutrition to the skin that translates into greater elasticity and makes it one of the best treatments for dry skin. It contains compounds with anti-inflammatory activity, essential in anti-aging treatments.



Apply to the face after shaving with the fingertips until fully absorbed. Do not apply if you are allergic to any of the components.

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